Marblz Straights

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$9.95 - $12.95

Product Overview

Our MarblZ single point knitting needles come in a range of eye catching colors

Range of eye catching colors

The hand - crafted colors and patterns have been developed in a special way by a group of skilled workforce ?? so each needle appears exclusive and different than the other

A great aid to simplify the difficult part of knitting!! MarblZ needles provide the right ??grab?? that allows for easy handling of slippery yarns, picking up stitches in a fast manner and helps in controlling those difficult stitches!

Sharp and Gradually Tapered Points are ideal for all knitting projects

Lightweight, smooth, with the right flexibility ?? yet exceptionally strong & durable

Warm to the touch and gentle in the hand

Available in sizes ?? US 6 (4.0mm) to US 11 (8.0mm)