HiyaHiya Limited Edition Interchangeable Set

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Product Overview

The most beautiful Hiya Hiya kit for sure!

Just as the bamboo Hiya Hiya interchangeable knitting needles come in different sizes, so does the steel version which is designated ‘Sharp’ tapering to a very fine point.  The Sharp set of interchangeable needles is made from high quality stainless steel.

It has fine keyless screw-on connections with flexible cables with a swivel mechanism to avoid twisting of your work.  The joints are amazingly smooth and almost perfect so that there is minimal danger of unscrewing or snagging your yarn.  

HiyaHiya 4" Sharp LIMITED EDITION Interchangeable Set

HiyaHiya 5" Sharp DELUXE Limited Edition Interchangeable Set with Circular Case


(No reviews yet) Write a Review