Fadewalker Fingerless Mitts Kit

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Product Overview

The Fadewalker Mitts are inspired by the stitch pattern for the Jaywalker Socks by Grumperina. The pattern comes in two sizes and was designed for a 5-skein mini set, but you can also fade 5 colors of your choice or use a single tonal, multi or self-striping yarn for a different look.

Round-by-round instructions are provided in table form to make it easier to see how the instructions for the fade, stitch pattern, and thumb gusset line up. Pattern instructions are written for DPNs, but can be adjusted for the use of 9” circular needles or the magic loop method.

Your kit includes 6 colors to "fade" with, ranging from bright gold to burnished coppers and browns.  Each color is approximately 55 yds so you have more than enough to complete a pair of the Fadewalker Fingerless Mitts.  The pattern is FREE on Ravelry.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review