Appointment for Shopping

Appointment for Shopping


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All of us at Nautical Yarn are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our customers and staff. To reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission we need everyone's cooperation.
  1. If you are having symptoms of COVID-19, please do not enter our building or come to the store for curbside pickup.
    We can ship your order directly to your door.
  2. Customers will be required to sanitize their hands at our sanitation station upon entering the store.
  3. Customers must wear a face mask properly for the duration of their stay. 
    Sorry, but if you decide you do not want to wear a mask, you will not be able to come in to our shop. As soon as our shipment arrives, we will have masks for you to purchase for $1 and can be paid for when you checkout.
  4. You'll be involved in your check out process by scanning your purchases or reading product numbers to us, swiping your credit card and bagging your own merchandise.  Don't worry, a staff member will be there to help you from a distance. Please refrain from bringing shopping or knitting bags into the store. We will still offer paper receipts but text or email receipts will be encouraged.
  5. Please do not bring food or beverages into the shop.
  1. We will wear face masks for your protection.
  2. We will practice social distancing with fellow employees and customers.
  3. We will wash our hands after each customer interaction.
  4. We will be screened daily for COVID-19 symptoms.
  5. We will limit the number of people in our business to 2 / 3 at a time.
  6. We will frequently clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces.
  7. We will utilize only one entrance to easier keep up with disinfecting.
  8. We have placed markers on floor 6’ apart at register stations.
  1. We will accept contactless payment options - no cash or checks
  2. We will have a Plexiglass screen at checkout
  3. We will have hand sanitizer stations for customers and staff required
  4. We will have directional traffic flow signage
  5. We will have a staff member available to answer questions and offer shopping advice from a 6 foot distance. Unfortunately, but at this time we can't provide individual knitting instruction or problem solving due to the risk of virus transmission.
  6. After checkout, we will giving affected areas an extra disinfection.  
  7. Also, for the safety of our staff there will be NO PUBLIC RESTROOM AVAILABLE.

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